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Yellowstone Public Radio serves Cody, Wyoming, with a translator on 88.5 MHz. Yellowstone Public Radio

We have been working at the Cedar Mountain site above Cody, Wyoming, since the late 1980's, first for KLZY, then later for KNWT. On a sunny, summer day in 2010, we were called by Yellowstone Public Radio to get the Cody translator back on the air.
Cedar Mountain Electronic Site
Cedar Mountain Electronic Site, above Cody, Wyoming, elevation 7,650 feet, September 2, 2010.
Translator Tower
This 100 foot tower supports antennas for two FM translators, one TV translator, and one two-way radio system.
Tower, Dish, and Building
The signal for Yellowstone Public Radio arrives at the Cedar Mountain site via satellite. The building is fabricated from steel, but it is not a common cargo container.
Tower and Antenna
The transmitting antenna for the YPR translator is the 5-element Yagi in the center of the photo.
Equipment Rack
The cause of the outage turned out to be a bad satellite receiver. Here, Loren has brought a second satellite receiver to the site to verify the diagnosis. The transmitter is a Crown FM150.
TV & FM Translators
At the other end of the building are a TV translator and an FM translator.

Yellowstone Billings on 91.7 MHz.
Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan, and Three Forks on 102.1 MHz.
Bozeman on 95.9 MHz.
Bozeman and Livingston on 88.5 MHz.
Big Sky on 95.9 MHz.
Cody on 88.5 MHz.
Livingston and the Paradise Valley on 90.1 MHz.
Livingston and the Paradise Valley on 91.1 MHz.
Sheridan on 88.1 MHz.
Helena, East Helena, and Townsend on 89.1 MHz.
Helena, East Helena, and Townsend on 96.7 MHz.
Miles City on 90.7 MHz.
Yellowstone National Park on 104.9 MHz.
YPR Web Site.
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