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Yellowstone Public Radio On September 30, 2010, a new full-service radio station went on the air, serving Livingston and the Paradise Valley from the Meyers Flat Site. KYPM operates on 90.1 MHz, and operates in the FM+HD RadioTM mode. Yellowstone Public Radio

The difference between a translator and a full-service radio station may seem subtle to most of the audience, but a recent development in the area illustrates this important distinction. For many years, Yellowstone Public Radio was heard on a translator on 106.7 MHz on the east side of Bozeman. In February, 2008, a full-service radio station began operation on 106.9 MHz, effectively wiping out reception of the 106.7 MHz translator. This is an FCC regulatory matter that assigns priorities. A translator is a lower priority than a "full-service" radio station.

In order to secure a place on the radio dial for Yellowstone Public Radio in Livingston and the Paradise Valley, YPR applied for and received a Construction Permit for a new full-service radio station in the Livingston area.

FCC Facility ID 172578.
Frequency 90.1 MHz.
ERP 440 Watts.

KYPM Tower
The first task was to extend the existing 40-foot tower to 100 feet in height. Here, Jim and Joe are just finishing the 80-foot section.
KYPM Tower
We finished the tower to the 100-foot level on August 24, 2010.
KYPM Tower and Antenna
Loren and Jake finished installing the ERI LPX-3E antenna on September 28, 2010. Jim and Jake installed the 1-1/4 inch coax.

Livingston Translator First Page.

2006 Livingston Translator Move.

Yellowstone Billings on 91.7 MHz.
Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan, and Three Forks on 102.1 MHz.
Bozeman on 95.9 MHz.
Bozeman and Livingston on 88.5 MHz.
Big Sky on 95.9 MHz.
Cody on 88.5 MHz.
Livingston and the Paradise Valley on 90.1 MHz.
Livingston and the Paradise Valley on 91.1 MHz.
Sheridan on 88.1 MHz.
Helena, East Helena, and Townsend on 89.1 MHz.
Helena, East Helena, and Townsend on 96.7 MHz.
Miles City on 90.7 MHz.
Yellowstone National Park on 104.9 MHz.
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