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Yellowstone Public Radio Serving Billings on 91.7 MHz. Yellowstone Public Radio

KEMC main transmitter
KEMC Chief Engineer Randall Rocks checks the Continental 816R transmitter at the Keller Road site, south of Billings.
Generator and Transfer Switch
When the emergency generator was installed in 2009, the single-phase load was so great that two transfer switches were needed.
KEMC HD rack
There are no telephone lines to the Keller Road site. The phone in the HD rack is connected to the YPR studio via the Harris Intraplex microwave radio and multiplexer. Below that is the Harris HD exciter and 2000 Watt amplifier. The rack to the right holds radio equipment for the Montana Department of Transportation.
KEMC HD transmitter
This is the new HD transmitter, a Harris ZX5000, installed August 31, 2010.
KEMC auxiliary antenna
The four-bay ERI FM antenna is for KEMC-HD. It can also be used for KEMC analog FM or KEMC-FM+HD, just by switching modes on the HD exciter.

Yellowstone Billings on 91.7 MHz.
Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan, and Three Forks on 102.1 MHz.
Bozeman on 95.9 MHz.
Bozeman and Livingston on 88.5 MHz.
Big Sky on 95.9 MHz.
Cody on 88.5 MHz.
Livingston and the Paradise Valley on 90.1 MHz.
Livingston and the Paradise Valley on 91.1 MHz.
Sheridan on 88.1 MHz.
Helena, East Helena, and Townsend on 89.1 MHz.
Helena, East Helena, and Townsend on 96.7 MHz.
Miles City on 90.7 MHz.
Yellowstone National Park on 104.9 MHz.
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