The Fox
In late 1992, William Reier approached us to construct a new Class C FM station for him in Bozeman. The station went on the air in April, 1993 as KZLO.
In 2004, the call letters were changed to KBOZ-FM.
Country 99.9
KBOZ-FM, Bozeman
The station operated on 99.9 MHz, with an Effective Radiated Power of 100,000 Watts, and played country music.
Story Hill
In 1993, the skinny tower on Story Hill was extended to 230 feet in height. The lower 8-bay FM antenna was for Citadel station KATH 93.7. The upper 8-bay FM antenna was for KZLO. This photo was taken in November, 2002, when both stations were owned by Reier. The Story Hill Electronic Site was decommissioned in March, 2003.
KZLO transmitter
KZLO-FM transmitter on Story Hill, 15-Dec-2000.
Terry in studio
KZLO DJ Terry Michael was on the air weekdays, 6A-10PM, 19-Dec-2000.
BB in studio
KZLO DJ Brian Bennett was on the air weekdays, 10A-3PM, 15-Dec-2000. Brian was also the producer of the Dave Visscher Show.
KZLO backup antenna
A crew from Colton Tower mounts the KZLO-FM backup antenna to Tower 5 of the KBOZ antenna array, 13-March-2003.
KZLO backup transmitter
Ron Jacobson helped bring this old Gates FM-10G back to life as a backup transmitter for KZLO. The call letters were changed to KBOZ-FM in 2004.
Continental transmitter
As a backup transmitter, the Gates FM-10G would have lasted many years. As a temporary main transmitter, we shortened its life considerably. Finally, in October, 2006, we installed the Continental 816R-3C transmitter at the Johnson Road site.
The KBOZ-AM array stretches off to the northwest. Tower 5 supports antennas for KBOZ-FM and KOBB-FM.

Call Sign=KBOZ-FM
FCC Facility ID=55676
Frequency=99.9 MHz
Effective Radiated Power=19 kW.

KOBB-FM serves Big Sky on translator K288ES on 105.5 MHz.
KOBB-FM serves Livingston on translator K240CO on 95.9 MHz.
KOZB (FM) serves Livington with translator K265AS on 100.9 MHz.
Story Hill Electronic Site.
Green Mountain Electronic Site.

Talk 1090 KBOZ Talk 1090 KBOZ-AM, Bozeman.
Country 99.9 KBOZ Country 99.9 KBOZ-FM, Bozeman.
ESPN 1230 KBOZ ESPN 1230 KOBB-AM, Bozeman.
Oldies 93.7 KBOZ Oldies 93.7 KOBB-FM, Bozeman.
Rock 975 KBOZ Rock 975 KOZB (FM), Livingston.
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