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KBOZ, Bozeman
signed on the air in December, 1975, under the ownership of Bill Reier.
In 1988, the station was sold to Citadel Communications.
In 1996, the station was sold back to Bill Reier. The station operates on 1090 kHz, with 5,000 Watts, non-directional days, and utilizes a 5-tower directional array at night. The station often receives reception reports from distant listeners (DXer's) all over the world.
Five towers with their red lights blinking in the night, Dec-2000.
Installed in 1975, and still in continuous use, Harris/Gates MW-5 transmitter, 17-Dec-2000.
The "doghouse" for tower 3 houses the antenna matching network for non-directional operation during the day. January, 2001.
This is what we broadcast engineers call the ATU. At KBOZ, it is one of five fabricated by the Gates Radio Company (Harris Corporation) in 1975. This one is installed in the doghouse at tower 3. This photo was taken in January, 2001.
This Gates console is the original, installed in 1975. Over the years, this studio has had turntables, cart machines, reel tape machines, Steve Campbell's Darth, and the computerized Scott Studios.
New KBOZ studio under construction, March, 2004. The R-90 console has been temporarily set on the counter to evaluate various layouts. The video monitor arm risers were fabricated by Norco in Missoula.
Final configuration of the KBOZ studio. The big console, three video monitors, three keyboards, and telephone control console provide great flexibility along with seeming complexity. When Dave Visscher says he is overwhelmed by his new studio, this is why.
Brian Dave Visscher Dean Alexander
Brian Bennet, Producer, Dave Visscher, Star, and Dean Alexander, co-star of the morning show, 26-Oct-2004.
Les Clay
With a face for radio, Mister Info is in the News Room, 16-Feb-2007.

Note to DX'ers

We welcome your reception reports. In order to receive a DX Confirmation, your report should include the following information:

Lacking adequate program details, you should send a recording of your reception. We are able to play all standard format media and sound files. We always enjoy reading about your DXpedition, the type of equipment and antennas that you use, and viewing your photos.

By e-mail: engr@kboz.com

By snail mail:

Chief Engineer
KBOZ Radio
P. O. Box 20
Bozeman, MT 59718

Station Technical Summary

Service Standard Broadcast
Frequency 1090 kHz
Power 5,000 Watts Non-D Days
5,000 Watts Directional Nights
FCC Facility ID 16775
Tower Registration #1=1044243
Near the end of 2006, we began making big changes at KBOZ-AM.
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KOBB-FM serves Big Sky on translator K288ES on 105.5 MHz.
KOBB-FM serves Livingston on translator K240CO on 95.9 MHz.
KOZB (FM) serves Livington with translator K265AS on 100.9 MHz.
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