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CSN Radio operates two stations in the Missoula area. In August, 2007, we were asked to remove an old translator at the Waterworks Hill Electronic Site, just above Missoula.

Waterworks Hill Site
In this "Before" photo, the ANT-90 transmit antenna is located at the 33 foot level.
Equipment Rack
In the rack were two satellite receivers, two transmitters, and a diplexer. The upper transmitter was for K212DE, while the lower transmitter was for K204EV.
Joe Bowers
Joe Bowers is the local chief engineer for Cherry Creek Radio in the Missoula market.
Jim on Tower
In this "After" photo, Jim has moved the transmit antenna to the 44 foot level, and is securing the coaxial feed line to the tower.
Missoula Translator
The equipment rack now has one satellite receiver and one transmitter. The Crown FM100 powers K204EV with 48 Watts TPO.

In June, 2009, we were asked to help with KJFT at the TV Mountain Electronic Site.

TV Mountain
KJFT broadcasts with the two-bay FM antenna half-way up the right side of the tower, July 25, 2009.
Hickman Sites
The transmitter building is a converted cargo container, owned by Hickman Sites.
Dustin with equipment
CSN technician Dustin runs cable across the ceiling of the equipment shelter, July 25, 2009.
Equipment Rack
Equipment rack with CSN Crown satellite receiver, Harris Intraplex TCP/IP STL receiver, Omnia 3 audio processor, and Crown FM100 transmitter for KJFT.

K217EM + K213DY, Billings.
K268AS, Bozeman (Quinn Peak Electronic Site).
K218DN, Gallatin Gateway (High Flat Electronic Site).
KGFJ, Belt (Tiger Butte Electronic Site).
K242CA, Great Falls (Munson Communications Site).
K215CG, Helena.
K204EV + KJFT, Missoula.
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