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FCC Facility ID = 164232.
Freq = 105.7 MHz.
ERP = 12 kW H + V.
High Flat Tower
The High Flat Electronic Site, west of Bozeman, is home to many radio services. The tall tower in the center is owned by Yellowstone Public Radio, and supports antennas for several other users.
High Flat Tower
The High Flat site is a busy place in the summer of 2005. In the center foreground, a new foundation has been poured for a self-supporting tower for Teton Communications. A technician from TransAria is on the YPR tower testing signal conditions at the site.
High Flat Building
The transmitter building is owned by KTVQ-TV of Billings, and houses transmitters for Yellowstone Public Radio, Velocita Wireless, Air Tel, CSN International, and Gallatin Valley Community TV. The outline on the floor shows the future location of the KKQX transmitter.
High Flat Moving Truck
Moving day is October 12, 2005. The truck from Lux Transfer & Storage arrives at the site just after noon, carrying the coaxial cable, the antenna (in cardboard boxes), the transmitter, and miscellaneous support equipment.
High Flat Forklift
Sean, the forklift operator, carefully places the transmitter through the door, into the transmitter building, 12-Oct-2005.
High Flat Transmitter
The Harris Z10CD sits neatly inside the outline on the floor. The lower front panel has been removed to inspect the cables and connectors on the power supply.
High Flat Jim + Antenna
Jim stands amid the Shively antenna parts. The radome halves (left foreground) will be assembled around a radiator (left background).
High Flat Colton + Kevin
Colton and Kevin Maslen carry the top antenna bay to the tower, 21-Oct-2005.
High Flat Tower
All four bays in place at the 125 foot level.
The KKQX STL receive antenna is mounted on the tower, just above a log-periodic receiving antenna for Yellowstone Public Radio, 18-Nov-2005.

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KBZM Transmitter
KKQX Transmitter
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