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Ted Austin, Jr.
K279AU, Idaho Falls.

With time running out on the FCC Construction Permit, it was critical to build this new translator station right and get it working the first time.
Jim and Loren on tower
Early on the morning of July 6, 2007, Jim and Loren climbed the 300 foot tower behind the KIFI-TV studio on Yellowstone Trail in Idaho Falls.
David with coax spool
David Hubbard has finished attaching a connector to the first end of the 7/8 inch coax.
Reba with coax
Pulling the coax up the tower was a big job that required many hands. Here Reba makes sure the coax feeds smoothly and does not kink.
Lexi with coax
Granddaughter Lexi helped handle the coax, too.
Transmit Antenna
The transmitting antenna is a one-bay Nicom BKG-77.
Receive Antenna
The receiving antenna is a Nicom LOG FM P5.
Transmitter and Receiver
A pre-fabricated shed was brought in to house the translator equipment. On the left, the transmitter is a Nicom NT 250 LCD. The receiver is a Nicom NLRFM1.
Ted Austin
At the end of the day, a very happy Ted Austin poses in front of his new translator building.

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