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Ted Austin, Jr.

Ted Austin Grand Teton
Ted operates in one of the most beautiful places in the country.
Rexburg Studio
With technical work going on all around him, DJ Randy performs his duties in the KCHQ studio.
Rexburg Studio
Right studio rack with STL transmitter, FM tuner, Omnia audio processor, TFT EAS unit, Starguide satellite receiver, console power supply, and UPS.
Rexburg Studio
Left studio rack with Broadcast Tools switcher, d'Marc radio automation computer, and Audioscience Breakout Boxes.
Rexburg News Room
News Room under construction, 11-Feb-2010.

K279AU, Idaho Falls.
K275BC, Teton Village.
K287AP, Teton Pass Site.
KCHQ, Snow King Site.
KCHQ, Driggs.
KCHQ, Q102-FM Web Site.

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