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Throughout the fall and winter, we continued to make progress inside the transmitter building.

Nautel NV10 Transmitter
On left, Shively three-cavity bandpass filter. In the center, Nautel NV10 transmitter, 20-Aug-2010.
Loren at coax entry
Loren prepares to bring the main FM coax into the transmitter building, 5-Nov-2010.
Staging snowmobiles at the ski area
During winter, access to the Mount Zion site is usually by snowmobile only, 6-Jan-2011.
Havre Electric at Rocky Boy
Havre Electric was awarded a contract to install the new service for the KHEW transmitter. They got started in January, 2011.
Middle Atlantic WRK rack + APC BackUPS
The equipment rack and UPS were also brought to the site via snowmobile, 3-Feb-2011.
Hoyt and Loren
Hoyt and Loren cut the inner conductor of 1-5/8 inch rigid coaxial line, 3-Feb-2011.
Jim at equipment rack
The equipment in a modern transmitter plant is all networked. Even when accessing the site by snowmobile, a laptop computer is essential for configuration and testing.
Alena at equipment rack
Alena connects the transmitter to the Broadcast Tools Site Sentinel 4, February 24, 2011.

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