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Chief Rocky Boy KHEW Original Logo
Chippewa Cree Tribe
Rocky Boy's Reservation, Montana

Freq=88.5 MHz.
ERP=16.0 kW.
Transmitter Location:
48° 10' 42" N Lat.
109° 41' 21" W Long.

On October 17, 2008, the FCC issued a Construction Permit for a new non-commercial educational FM radio station on the Rocky Boy's Reservation. We have been helping the Tribe to plan for their new radio station. We prepared a grant application for funding from NTIA-PTFP. That application was approved, and funding is in place to construct the new station.

Mount Zion
We first visited the proposed transmitter site on November 20, 2008. Mount Zion is on the left, and is currently home to KXEI-FM. On the right is Bowery Peak, transmitter site for KPQX-FM.
KXEI Tower
KXEI uses this 8-bay FM antenna at the top of the 160 foot tower.
KXEI Tower
The proposed KHEW 4-bay antenna will be mounted on the lower portion of the tower.
Ice Bridge
On the day that we visited the site, winds regularly gusted to 40 mph. The ice bridge is securely braced for such conditions.
Stone Child College
The proposed studios will be on the campus of Stone Child College. Space in this building has recently become available, and we indicated our preference for the upper floor.

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