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Clear Channel Communications
KXGZ (FM), Frenchtown

FCC Facility ID=166027.
Frequency=101.5 MHz.
Antenna Coordinates=46-48-08 N, 113-58-21 W (NAD27).
Overall Height Above Ground Level=160 feet.
ERP=3.6 kW Horizontal + 3.6 kW Vertical, Peak of Beam.
ERP=3.4 kW Horizontal + 3.4 kW Vertical, at Horizon.
HAAT=637 meters.

In September, 2007, we were asked to help construct a new FM station for Clear Channel Radio in the Missoula market. The new station would share the transmitter building, tower, and antenna with existing station KBAZ at the Mount Dean Stone Electronic Site.
Todd and David
Local Chief Engineer Todd Clark and David Hubbard assess the equipment layout, starting with the new ERI combiner.
Wayne Nelson
Americom Tower was contracted to take down the KBAZ antenna and replace it with a new, combined antenna for KBAZ and KXGZ. At left, Wayne Nelson with the load line and winch. On the right, David handles the tag line.
The first two bays of the new antenna are hoisted on the tower.
Transmitter and Racks
The new KXGZ transmitter is a Continental 814C, rated for 3.8 kW output. The tall rack houses the STL relay for KLYQ-AM, the Bext exciter for the KBAZ main transmitter, a Burk remote control, STL receivers for KBAZ, KXGZ, and KENR, audio processing for KBAZ and KXGZ, a backup exciter and amplifier for KBAZ, and RPU relay. The shorter rack on the right houses wattmeters for the combiner inputs and output, audio processing for KENR, and the KENR booster transmitter.
David and Todd
As David watches, Todd fires up the new transmitter into a dummy load.
David and Wayne
David and Wayne carry one of the new antenna bays.
KBAZ and KXGZ Antenna
All eight bays of the new ERI combined antenna are mounted on the tower.
Dean Stone
ERI technician Mark Garrison with laptop and network analyzer tunes and certifies operation of the combiner.

Clear Channel Radio KXGZ-FM, Frenchtown.
We assisted in the construction of this station in 2007.
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