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Clear Channel Communications

Frequency=107.5 MHz.
Antenna Coordinates=47-02-05.7 N, 114-41-13.1 W (NAD27).
Overall Height Above Ground Level=200 feet.
Effective Radiated Power=100 kW Horizontal only.
HAAT=288 meters.
The transmitter site on Martel Mountain, November 13, 2002.
KLTC uses an Armstrong FM-10000T for its main transmitter, November 13, 2002.
Transmitter support equipment for KLTC includes a Burk ARC-16 Remote Control, two IP-8 interface panels, and an Armstrong FM-10R STL receiver, November 13, 2002.
The KLTC tower is 200 feet tall, and supports a receiving antenna for the STL and a 14-bay main antenna, November 14, 2002.

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