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Project Client in 1987.
Full Service Client since 2002.
Clear Channel Communications

Frequency=1240 kHz.
Antenna Coordinates=46-15-35.7 N, 114-09-50.5 W (NAD27).
Overall Height Above Ground Level=185 feet.
Transmitter Power=1 kW.
Mary Borden always has a smile for visitors to the KLYQ studio, November 25, 2002.
Steve Fullerton hosts the morning show at KLYQ, November 25, 2002.
KLYQ production room at a rare idle moment, November 25, 2002.
SX-1 + Mike
In 1987, we installed the Harris SX-1 transmitter at KLYQ for owner Steve Benedict. Mike Daniels has kept it polished and purring ever since.
The first order of business in the new transmitter building was to install an overhead cable ladder. Jim with wrenches, December 10, 2002.
The old Gates transmitter had not been thoroughly cleaned out in decades. Dick uses the air compressor to blow it out, December 11, 2002.
The Harris SX-1 was also given a good cleaning before moving to the new transmitter building, December 12, 2002.
Mike Daniels checks the operation of the SX-1 in its new home, December 13, 2002.
Tucked away up near the ceiling in the new transmitter building, the new Delta TCA to monitor antenna base current, the old Gates ATU, an RF contactor to switch between the two transmitters, and the Harris dummy load, December 13, 2002.
In this "before" photo, the KLYQ tower is still being fed from the old transmitter building, November 25, 2002.
In this "after" photo, the tower is being fed from the new transmitter building and the STL iso-coupler has been moved to the other tower leg, December 13, 2002.

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