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KGPR, Great Falls

The old tube-type Wilkinson transmitter didn't much care what kind of load was connected to it, but the new Harris HD RadioTM Transmitter complained from the moment we turned it on. The Board approved additional work to determine the cause of the problem and develop a solution.
KGPR Antenna
We started by inspecting the antenna and coaxial cable in-place on the tower. Having a tower lighting beacon this close to the top bay is not good, but we could not move the antenna nor move the beacon.
Shively 6810
Next, we arranged to have Colton Tower Consultants remove the antenna from the tower, so it could be more closely inspected and certain critical components could be refurbished. Shively Labs recommended that we replace the internal bullets, o-rings, hose clamps, and line hardware. This is the top bay after removal of the radome.
Shively matching section
The matching transformer at the bottom of the antenna showed several longitudinal stress cracks in the upper horizontal section. We believe these were caused by water freezing inside. They do not appear to completely penetrate the shell.
Fisher Tower
The Shively 6810-4R antenna back in place on the tower: a bit straighter, and tuned to bring the reflected power down to barely-measureable levels.

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