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Senior Engineer Chuck Beardsley called us to help with transmitter repairs at the Beef Trail site, southwest of Butte.
FCC Facility ID=7911
Frequency=550 kHz.
Power=5,000 Watts, DA-N.
Latitude=45° 58' 30" North.
Longitude=112° 34' 18" West.
Transmitter Building
Brick transmitter building has an addition on the south side for an emergency generator and small studio, three STL dishes on the roof.
Transmission Line
Open-wire transmission line, strung from poles, carries rf from transmitter building to phasor at the base of the center tower.
Chuck & Loren
Chuck and Loren, trouble-shooting the Gates BC5P2 transmitter, 10-April-2010.
Gates Transmitter
Gates BC-1G backup transmitter.
Equipment racks house audio processing, remote control, STLs, and antenna monitor.

KBOW New Transmitter Project, October, 2011.

KANA (AM), Anaconda

KGLM (FM), Anaconda

KOPR (FM), Butte

K262AB, Walkerville

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