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Because of our long list of clients and their wide spread of geography, we have installed and maintained virtually every type of radio transmitter in common use in the United States. This depth of experience enables us to provide rapid and efficient service to our clients, getting their stations back on the air quickly, when repairs are needed. We are also well positioned to advise our clients on the best equipment choices for their existing or future operations.

In 2009, we were contacted by Nautel to provide "authorized" installation services for their transmitters.
Our first Nautel transmitter installation project was for Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET).
In 2012, we provided factory installation for a Nautel transmitter at KMSA, in Grand Junction, Colorado.
KHNE Transmitter Site
We installed a Nautel NV30 FM transmitter for KHNE, Hastings, Nebraska.
KHNE Tower
A 1,000 foot tower supports the UHF TV antenna on the top, and the 10-bay FM antenna is mounted near the top on the left side.
The existing transmitter was a Broadcast Electronics FM 20B, which had given many years of service. This became the backup transmitter.
KHNE Racks
The KHNE site has no program origination facilities. It is fed by satellite from the NET operations center in Lincoln, Nebraska. This equipment is used to monitor and control the TV and FM transmitters, 11-Feb-2010.
Bill Strong is the site engineer. He is standing where the new Nautel transmitter will be located.
KHNE Transmitter Delivery
Atlas Van Lines delivered the Nautel NV30 transmitter to the site on Monday morning.
Nautel NV30
We decided to leave the transmitter bolted to its shipping pallet.
Bill Hohnstein and NV30
Bill Hohnstein, one of the field engineers for NET, checks the input connections on the exciter.
Bill Hohnstein and Nautel AUI
With the new transmitter producing 1.22 kW into a dummy load, Bill checks the system configuration.
Bill Hohnstein
The KHNE site is also home to NOAA weather radio for Grand Island.

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