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Nautel Inc.
Transmitter Manufacturer
Grand Junction, Colorado

Frequency=91.3 MHz.
Power=3 kW-H, 3 kW-V.
Latitude=39° 03' 58" North.
Longitude=108° 44' 50" West (NAD27).
FCC Facility ID=41300.

In October, 2012, we provided factory installation for a new Nautel transmitter for the student station at Colorado Mesa University.

KMSA Transmitter Site
Black Ridge Electronic Site, elevation 7090 feet above sea level, 2400 feet above Grand Junction.
KMSA Equipment Rack
This is the equipment rack at the beginning of the week. That's local chief engineer Norm Price listening to the mod monitor.
KMSA Transmitter Room
KMSA rents this tiny space for transmitter and support equipment. We had to leave our toolboxes outside.
Two Towers
Both towers are owned by Townsquare Media. The left tower is 350 feet tall and supports antennas for three of their local stations. KMSA uses the four-bay Shively 6813 antenna on the 200 foot tower on the right.
Two Towers
In this view, the KMSA one-bay backup antenna is right-most and lowest on the tower. Just above it is the STL receive antenna. The four-bay Shively is easier to see in the space between the two towers, October 10, 2012.
QEI Transmitter
The out-going transmitter is red.
RF Output
After connecting the station ground, the next connection to be made was the rf output.
Norm & Optimod
Norm uses his Greenie to adjust the Optimod 8100.
Nolan & Sine
Nolan connects the Nautal NV3.5 transmitter to the Sine RFC-1B remote control.
Nautel Transmitter
The transmitter room is plenty big enough for one engineer working alone. We were thankful for mild fall weather that allowed us to leave the door open.

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