Montanavision, Inc.
Client since 2004.
KOFK-LP, 98.3 MHz, Bozeman
"King of Kings Radio"

Near the end of 2004, we collaborated with RJ Engineering on the construction of a new Low Power FM station in Bozeman.
Resurrection Parish
We began test transmissions on KOFK-LP just before Christmas, 2004.
KOFK Antenna
It was a cold, wintry day, when Jim installed the two-bay FM antenna on the KOBB-AM tower, 21-Dec-2004.
KOFK Transmitter
The Nicom 250 Watt FM transmitter is at the center of the equipment rack. The Jupiter audio processor is just above it. Yes, that is an iPod, being used as a source of test programming.
Frequency=98.3 MHz.
ERP=100 Watts.
FCC Facility ID=133296.
KOFK-LP is affiliated with Relevant Radio.

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