Montanavision Media Inc.
Client in 2008-2009.
Equity Media
Equity Media
KBTZ-LP, Bozeman

Channel=32, 578-584 MHz.
ERP=16 kW.
N Lat=45° 39' 28"
W Long=110° 48' 22" NAD27
FCC Facility ID=17328.

In April, 2008, Director of Engineering Ron Taylor called us to help move their Bozeman LPTV facility to another site.

Bozeman Pass
In April, there is still lots of snow at the Bozeman Pass Electronic Site.
Bozeman Pass
Loren clears the road with a Case 1150 dozer, 17-Apr-08.
David and Rack
We had to make some changes inside the KOZB transmitter building to accomodate the new TV transmitter. Here, David is working on some of the control wiring.
Ron and Transmitter
Equity Media Director of Engineering Ron Taylor helps get the new Pineapple Technologies transmitter through the door, 18-Apr-08.
Antenna on Tower
Joe and Loren position the channel 32 SWR slot antenna on the tower.
Sid and Dish
Equity Media engineer Sid Weatherford scans the sky, trying to downlink the satellite programming for the station, 19-Apr-08.
Satellite Downlink Dish
Eventually, we had to give up on the idea of using a small dish for the downlink, because of the rf levels at the site. On April 21, 2008, we moved the primary dish over from the Green Mountain Site.
Ron and Transmitter
Ron is caught reading the manual for the new transmitter.
Ron and Transmitter
The new transmitter operating at full power into the antenna, April 21, 2008.

This analog-only station ceased operation on June 12, 2009.

KBTZ-TV, Channel 24, Butte.
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