Montanavision Media Inc.
Client in 2008-2009.
Equity Media
Equity Media
KBTZ-TV, Butte

Channel=24, 530-536 MHz.
ERP=330 kW.
N Lat=46° 00' 24"
W Long=112° 26' 30" NAD27
FCC Facility ID=81438.
Pineapple Transmitter
Pineapple Technologies PA3KUA transmitter powers KBTZ-TV, 11-Jun-08.
Equipment Racks
The right rack is the exciter and power supply from a retired DB Broadcast TV transmitter. In the upper part of the rack is a Burk ArcPLUS remote control. The left rack holds a DVD player, TV demodulator, video monitor, video analyzer, and EAS unit.
Satellite Dish
Programming for KBTZ-TV is assembled at the Equity Media Operations Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, and fed to the Butte transmitter via satellite.

This analog-only station ceased operation on June 12, 2009.

KBTZ-LP, Channel 32, Bozeman.
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