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KMSO, Missoula

FCC Facility ID 60052.
Channel 273C1=102.5 MHz.
ERP=14 kW.
46° 48' 30" North Latitude.
113° 58' 38" West Longitude.
KMSO Tower
Mount Dean Stone Electronic Site, southeast of Missoula. KMSO tower and main antenna are on the left.
We installed Montana's first high power solid state FM transmitter, a Broadcast Electronics FM20S, with FXi60 digital exciter, November 2004.
Equipment rack houses Moseley MRC-1600 remote control, Sine Systems RFC-1B remote control, Moseley PCL-505/C backup STL receiver, Moseley Starlink STL receiver, and Orban Optimod 8400 audio processor.
We originally installed this Continental 816R-1A transmitter at the Miller Creek Site in 1989. It is now in backup service at the Dean Stone site.
KMSO Strand Studio
The main studio is on Strand Avenue in Missoula. At the rear of the building are a number of antennas.
KMSO Strand Studio + antenna
The Strand studio also has a backup transmitter facility, with a two-bay backup antenna mounted on a wooden pole.
KMSO Florence Studio + Dave Stevens
Dave Stevens, Program Director and afternoon dj on KMSO, July, 2004.
KMSO Florence Studio + Willie B
Morning co-host Willie B. at the controls of the new studio in the Florence Hotel, July, 2004.
KMSO Florence Studio
The STL transmitter and Marti RPU receiver are housed in a ventilated cabinet in the elevator penthouse in the Florence Hotel.
KMSO Florence Studio
Outside, at the top of the Florence Hotel, are seveal antennas for KMSO. From left, VHF receive, RPU receive, VHF receive, and STL transmit.

KHDV, Darby.
KMTZ, Three Forks.

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