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KHDV, Darby

FCC Facility ID 166088.
Channel 300, 107.9 MHz.
ERP=14 kW.
46° 13' 46" North Latitude.
114° 14' 01" West Longitude.
We began our work at the KHDV transmiter site on July 10, 2007.
KHDV Transmitter Site
The new KHDV transmitter is located at the Grubstake site, west of Hamilton, on the east slopes of the Bitterroot Moutains, at the 5500 foot level. The site is home to many communications systems.
Jerry Murphy at KHDV
Jerry Murphy makes connections to ground the transmitter building.
David Hubbard at KHDV
David Hubbard silver solders ground connections.
Wayne Nelson, KHDV Tower and Antenna
Wayne Nelson connects the second bay of the new Shively FM antenna.
Mike with winch
Wayne's helper Mike handles the load line with an electric winch.
Max and Jerry and Tower
Max Murphy on tower, checking the fit of a bracket to support the ice bridge. Jerry Murphy watches from below.
KHDV backup antenna
One-bay Bext FM antenna will serve in backup capacity. Missoula is visible in the distance.
Vern Argo with transmitter
Chief Engineer Vern Argo in front of his new BE-10S FM transmitter. David Hubbard in background, connecting the main coax.
KHDV Transmitter
The backup generator runs for the first time! Zane Few of Alpha Propane, generator technician Brandon of Western Equipment, and Chief Engineer Vern Argo watch the successful test.

KMSO, Missoula.
KMTZ, Three Forks.

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