Montanavision Media Inc.
Client Since 2009.
West Yellowstone, Montana

FCC Facility ID=24434.
Frequency=920 kHz.
Power=1,000 Watts Days, 38 Watts Nights.
Latitude=44° 38' 56" North.
Longitude=111° 05' 50" West (NAD27).

In September, 2009, owner Dick Howe asked us to help pin down an STL problem.

Dick Howe in studio
Dick Howe at the controls. Catch him live, mornings on KWYS.
Studio Rack
The studio rack holds the STL transmitter, audio processor, EAS unit, telephone hybrid, speaker amplifier, audio switcher, tuner, and satellite receiver.
Production Room
Production room.
Rack and transmitter
At the transmitter site, the left rack holds the STL receiver, remote control, and audio processor. On the right, the BE AM1A transmitter.
Since the KWYS tower has a radiation resistance of about 50 Ohms, the ATU has no matching network. Three capacitors tune out the inductance of the tower.

In July, 2010, the station was unexpectedly forced to move its studio across town. 2010 Studio Move Page.

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