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KGVW (AM), Belgrade
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In 2010, the AM studio had been in continuous use for thirty years. The station budget had always been focused on ministry and the studio had changed little in that time. CD players and computers had taken the place of turntables and cartridge tape players, but this old console was expected to keep playing.
KGVW Studio
Autogram IC-8 console in KGVW (AM) studio, 30-July-2009.
KGVW Studio
With the BE AudioVault system feeding the transmitter, we began by removing accumulated decades of old wiring and the old console, November 9, 2010.
KGVW Studio
Several hours later, the new Arrakis ARC8 console is in place and performing basic functions. Station Manager Mark Brashear checks the broadcast schedule on the AudioVault system, November 9, 2010.

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