Montanavision Media Inc.
Client Since 2009.
KGVW (AM), Belgrade
Christian Media Ministries

FCC Facility ID=11011.
45° 46' 15" North Latitude.
111° 13' 26" West Longitude.
640 kHz.
10 kW DA-Day, 1 kW DA-Night.
KGVW Tower
KGVW-AM uses four 340 foot towers. Tower 1 is closest to the studio building and supports the KCMM-FM antenna.
KGVW Tower
Jim changes both marker lamps at the 120 foot level on Tower 1.
KGVW Tower
Jim changes both marker lamps at the 240 foot level on Tower 1, 16-Jan-2009.
Singer Transmitter
Left, Singer 10 kW transmitter is used during the day for KGVW. Right, Kintronic phasor switches between day and night modes, day and night transmitters, 30-July-2009.
Gates Transmitter
Gates 1 kW transmitter is used at night.
Equipment racks support both AM and FM stations. Left rack, from top, Gorman-Redlich directional antenna monitor, custom antenna switching monitor panel, Schafer automation control panel, Sine remote control system. Right rack, ITC reel-to-reel tape deck, Audemat Golden Eagle HD monitor, Inovonics NRSC filter, Inovonics audio processor, Gorman-Redlich EAS unit, keyboard and video monitor for Nautel exporter, and log printer for Sine remote control system, 30-July-2009.
KGVW Studio
KGVW (AM) studio, 30-July-2009.

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