KGLT Community Grown Radio
This backup antenna on the roof of the Strand Union Building dated back to 1968 when KGLT operated on 90.1.
Beacon Hill
From 1978 to 2002, this old, four-legged tower was used to support the KGLT FM antenna on Story Hill.
This Continental 814R-1 2,500 Watt transmitter was purchased in 1983 and installed on Story Hill.
We helped KGLT apply for a grant from NTIA-PTFP, resulting in some new equipment in 2000. From the top, Nautel NE50 digital exciter, Sine remote control system, Moseley PCL 6030 STL receiver, Moseley DSP-6000 digital decoder, Cue Gen2 paging generator, 15-Dec-2000.
Since November 1, 2002, KGLT has operated from this new 3-bay, half-wave-spaced antenna on the roof of the Theater Arts Wing of the Strand Union Building.
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KGLT 2000 Transmitter.
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