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Cory Woods
Cory Woods hosts the 5 PM News and Information Hour on KBLL-AM, 08-Oct-1999.
KBLL-AM tower, 160 feet tall, at 11th and Roberts in Helena, 29-July-1999. This tower was demolished in 2004. The 1240 kHz signal is now diplexed with the 1340 kHz signal of KCAP-AM.
KBLL-AM Antenna Tuning Unit, in a small shed at the base of the tower. One could still see the home telephone number of former Chief Engineer Tom McGinley on the wall there, until the building was razed in 2004.
Harris SX-1, 1,000 Watt AM transmitter at KBLL-AM, 29-July-1999.
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