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In June, 2008, Radio Fiesta ordered a new Broadcast Electronics 4MX50 transmitter.

BE 4MX50 Transmitter
There was celebration when the new transmitter was set in its place, June 27, 2008.
BE 4MX50 Transmitter
Though the 4MX50 is a very compact transmitter, there is still adequate space, where it counts.
3 inch Heliax
In order to connect the new transmitter, we had to extend the transmission line.
Jim's 50 kW splice
Jim's 50 kW splice.
Jim and Heliax
Jim prepares the end of the transmission line to install the EIA connector.
Sine remote control
Along with the new transmitter, we installed a new Sine Systems remote control. We programmed the unit with a telephone test set.
Mario and Big Switch
Operations Manager Mario throws the Big Switch that powers up the new transmitter, July 26, 2008.

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