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Radio Fiesta
KIGO-AM, Saint Anthony

Frequency=1420 kHz.
Power=32 kW Days, 12 Watts Nights.
N Lat=43° 40' 02"
W Long=111° 52' 14" NAD27.
FCC Facility ID=22622.

In March, 2008, owner Albino Ortega called for help. We answered the call and made repairs and adjustments to get him back on the air as quickly as possible.

KIGO Tower
The KIGO tower stands 326 feet tall, and is located just west of Rigby.
Tower Base
The tower base, showing the Austin transformer that powers the tower lights.
Daytime ATU
The daytime ATU is fed with 3 inch coax. Having two separate ATUs is mostly the result of adding nighttime service after the station began operation with only daytime service.
Jim & Albino
Jim & Albino inspect the nighttime ATU.
KIGO Transmitter Building
The KIGO transmitter building.
Continental 317C-1 Transmitter
The KIGO main transmitter is a Continental 317C-1, serial number 85. Through the first window are the solid-state rectifiers. The middle window gives a view of the PA tubes. The far cabinet houses the driver section.
STL antenna
The KIGO STL antenna silhouetted in the late afternoon sky.
Night ATU
We returned to Rigby on April 28, 2008, with specialized test equipment to find the problem with the nighttime operation. We started with the night ATU, testing the capacitors, and adjusting the coil taps for an input impedence of 50+j0 Ohms.
BE AM1 Transmitter
The nighttime transmitter is a Broadcast Electronics AM1. We found a shorted MOV on the Lightning Protection Board. After making repairs, we were able to run the transmitter up to a full 1,000 Watts, with only 5 Watts of reflected power.
Radio Fiesta Studio
The Radio Fiesta studio in Idaho Falls.

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