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TV Signal Test Territory

Over-the-air signal measurements have always been part of our work. Some directional AM stations require Field Intensity Measurements (FIMs) at regular intervals. FM stations are generally measured on special occasions. For instance, we have checked signal levels after installing a new antenna to verify antenna performance and market coverage. Before constructing a new FM translator station, we have measured signals to insure the translator will work as expected.

Our experience in measuring FM broadcast signals makes us ideally suited to conduct TV signal tests. The first calls came from Pegasus Satellite Television in 2002. Soon after, we began conducting TV signal tests for DirecTV. We have used a Potomac Instruments FIM-71 and a Sperry 3200 signal strength meter. Anticipating measurements of HD TV signals, we acquired an Anritsu 2721A spectrum analyzer.

The Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act of 1999, the Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act of 2004, and the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010 specify the process by which we become involved. This federal law also spells out the methods by which we make the measurements, and the protocols to be used in reporting the results. Since 2002, we have measured hundreds of locations in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. We have developed cordial relations with most of the television broadcasters in the region, and they have come to trust the results of our measurements. E-mail or call for more information, or to schedule a test.

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