Montanavision, Inc.
Big Fish Radio
Reel Montana Studios, Whitefish

In 1994, we constructed the studios of Reel Montana, Inc. on the banks of the Flathead River in Kalispell.
In 1997, we performed a major upgrade to the facility.
Reel Montana
Owner and Producer Ross Strauser at the controls.
Reel Montana
Reel Montana has steadily grown and added equipment to meet the needs of its varied customers. These two Mackie mixers were in constant use.
Reel Montana
This was the separate talent booth at the Kalispell facility.

In 2003, we moved the Reel Montana studios to Whitefish.
In 2006, we completely revamped the facility to include an on-air radio studio and a radio production room, as well as their state-of-the-art voice recording studio.
Big Fish Radio
We started by setting the new Arrakis 12,000 console in the main studio.
Big Fish Radio
Reba punches down the console connections.
Big Fish Radio
Jim plans studio wiring.
Big Fish Radio
David solders connectors.
Big Fish Radio
With no space for full-size equipment racks, we had to squeeze support gear into these small roll-around racks under the counter. On the left, from the top, a mic processor, mic preamp, speaker amplifier, and dj computer. The shorter rack houses the telephone system, DSL modem, Ethernet switch, and Telos 1X6.
On the operator's right are the Internet streaming computer, the Scott Dispatch Server and the Google/d'Marc/Scott program delivery system. The Aphex Compellor assures constant levels into the streaming computer.
Big Fish Radio
Temporary labels on the new console.
Big Fish Radio
The finished on-air studio for Big Fish Radio.
Dan Stromme
Dan Stromme, a former Scott Studios installer who lives in the area, was able to help set up the studio computers.
The Production Room started with an Arrakis 1200-5S console. Before it was finished, Ross decided we needed a bigger console. The 10-channel board was installed in January, 2007. The rack on the left holds a DAT recorder and CD recorder.
Production Room
Below the counter is a mic processor, telephone hybrid, speaker amplifier, Google/d'Marc/Scott production computer, and ProTools/Adobe Audition computer.
Orban Audicy
The final item in the Production Room is the Orban Audicy digital audio workstation. Though obtained used and no longer supported by Orban, this is Ross' favorite production tool.

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