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Nez Perce Tribe
Nez Perce Tribe
Kamiah, Idaho

In December, 2010, we were invited to submit a proposal for the construction and maintenance of the new Nez Perce Tribal station, KIYE. Under the guidance of Grant Writer Christina Saint Germaine, the Tribe already had an FCC Construction Permit and a Construction Grant from NTIA-PTFP.
FCC Facility ID=174013.
Frequency=88.7 MHz.
We visited the Reservation on December 22, 2010, in order to see the locations and learn more about the Tribe's vision for the new radio station.
Chris' Office & Equipment
Chris' office filled with equipment for the new station.
Nez Perce Radio Station
The Phase 1 tower and transmitter building behind the Wa A Yas Community Center in Kamiah.
Nez Perce Radio Station
Alena in the doorway of the Phase 1 transmitter building.
Nez Perce Radio Station
This area was being used by Tribal Police, but is designated for the new radio station.
Nez Perce Radio Station
Chris showed us the location for the Phase 2 transmitter site, between Craigmont and Mohler.

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