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Richardton, North Dakota

Frequency=101.9 MHz.
Power=26 kW-H, 26 kW-V.
Latitude=46° 41' 35" North.
Longitude=102° 37' 07" West (NAD27).
FCC Facility ID=189545.

In March, 2012, Rob Meadows called us to help get his new station going.

KZZQ Transmitter Site
The transmitter is located between Dickinson and Richardton, at a site that is shared with a number of other users.
KZZQ Antenna
The heavy fog made it difficult to see the antenna on the tower, a six-bay OMB SGP array.
KZZQ Harris Transmitter
The transmitter was a 1986 Harris FM-10, refurbished by Calhoun Communications and purchased from Transcom. The rack to the right holds a Premiere Networks XDS satellite receiver, Sage Digital Endec EAS unit, Netgear Ethernet switch, Digital Universe playout system, Orban Optimod 8100, and Continental 802B FM exciter.
KZZQ Transmitter
The Harris transmitter was very clean inside, but having spent most of its life in Pennsylvania, all the silver plated parts were badly tarnished.
Rob Meadows
Rob Meadows secures the meter panel to the front of the transmitter, March 22, 2012.

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