Montanavision, Inc.
Contract Client 2006-2010.
Radio International KATQ Broadcast Association
KATQ-AM & FM, Plentywood, Montana.

KATQ Studio
Bruce Lapke in front of the studios for KATQ-AM & FM in Plentywood.
KATQ Studio
Operator's position in main on-air studio.
Production Room
KATQ production room.
Studio Equipment Rack
Studio equipment racks with Belar modulation monitors, Moseley remote controls, audio processing,satellite receivers, and EAS gear.
KATQ-AM operates on 1070 kHz with a transmitter power of 5,000 Watts.
KATQ-AM Transmitter
This Collins 828E-1 Power Rock had been faithfully serving KATQ-AM.
KATQ-AM Transmitter
We installed the Harris DAX-5 as the new main transmitter. The Collins is still ready to put on the air in backup service. Bruce Lapke inaugurates operation with the new transmitter on September 12, 2006.
KATQ-AM Transmitter
The exhaust air flow for the DAX-5 is much different from the Power Rock, so we had to move the exhaust port and install a new intake port on the west side of the building.
Kintronic antenna tuning unit couples the transmitter to the tower.
Onan Genset
Onan Genset provided by FEMA was intended to keep the station on the air during and following an atomic attack. Even now, when the chances of a Soviet missile strike are minimal, the Genset keeps Sheridan County's only radio station on the air when the weather knocks out the power.
KATQ-FM Antenna
KATQ-FM transmits with a four-bay Jampro antenna on a wooden pole next to the beacon at the Plentywood airport.
KATQ-FM Transmitter
This aging Collins 831C-2 Generation 4 transmitter powered KATQ-FM. The original exciter had been replaced with a QEI 675B FM exciter.
KATQ-FM Transmitter
The tube socket had deteriorated to the point that it needed to be replaced. A new one was so expensive that the Board decided to purchase a new transmitter.
KATQ-FM Transmitter
On November 13, 2006, we installed a new Harris ZX2000FM transmitter at KATQ-FM. On the left is the Inovonics Omega_FM audio processor and Moseley TRC-15 remote control.

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