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Billings, Montana

Our first contact with Agnus Dei Communications was via telephone calls and e-mail messages. They were interested in purchasing a pair of broadcast properties in the Billings market, and asked us to assess their value. The two properties were KMZK (AM) and FM translator K248BL.

FCC Facility ID=41600.
Frequency=1240 kHz.
Power=1,000 Watts.
45° 45' 29" N Latitude.
108° 29' 52" W Longitude, NAD27.

FCC Facility ID=152964.
Frequency=97.5 MHz.
Effective Radiated Power=250 Watts.
45° 45' 51" N Latitude.
108° 27' 18" W Longitude, NAD27.

We inspected both properties on May 26, 2010, and submitted our report.

BE AM1A Transmitter
The KMZK transmitter is a BE AM1A. It shares the facility with KYYA-AM, a 5,000 Watt AM station on 730 kHz.
KMZK and KYYA-AM are diplexed into this tower.
Sacrifice Cliff Electronic Site
The K248BL translator is about halfway up this tower at the Sacrifice Cliff Electronic Site.
K248BL antenna
The two-bay K248BL antenna can be seen straddling the tower side lights.
FM Translator Equipment
The translator equipment consists of am AM HD tuner, FM audio processor, PTEK FM25E exciter, and PTEK FM500 amplifier.

On December 1, 2010, the sale was announced in the trades. The seller was Herm Elenbaas, who will keep the KMZK call sign, the real estate, the tower, and the studios.

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